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Check out some of our top-selling supplements! 


This innovative, dehydrated Omega-3 is based just a stone’s throw away in Sherwood Park.  The owner/formulator of this product has done such an immense amount of research into verifying the stability, and the quality, and has all the data and knowledge to back it up. Here’s some key features:  

  • Entirely human-grade fish (mackerel, sardines and skipjack tuna) Testing and certificates of analysis can be provided. 


  • 500mg of human grade Lion’s Mane (a fascinating medicinal mushroom) is added. This is a strong enough dose to exist as a supplement on its own.


  •  Convenient: store in a cool, dark place. But this makes travelling with Omega’s SO much easier.

Quick Summary of Omega-3 Benefits: 

  • Anti-inflammatory 

  • Supports cardiovascular health  

  • Supports optical function.

  • Supports brain health … and so much more!
    The owner was gracious enough to leave a boat load of samples. If you’re interested in trying a sample, stop by either store.

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