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A Note on Quality Pet Food

When we welcome our new furry friend we want to keep them as healthy as possible, and this starts with their diet. We have to remain aware of the importance of feeding them nutritionally balanced breed specific food. There are several things that one must consider when making their purchase.

1) Many of the processed pet food manufacturers are trying to convince pet owners that the so-called therapeutic or prescription diets are the recommended food choice. We should all do our due diligence and consider that these highly processed foods are made with feed-grade ingredients, which are very often the root cause of many of the diseases that pets acquire today. If you can, establish a good relationship with your vet to make sure you are comfortable with the information and care they are providing, and also, establish a good relationship with your local pet food store owners so we can assist you:)

2) When we consider the eventual results of the food choices and then find that the so-called medicinal food contains expensive biologically inappropriate food labelled as a medicine, then we have to start questioning what is actually good for our pets.

The fact that the FDA (the governing body for the United States but a lot of major brands of pet food is imported from there) allows animals that have died in means other than slaughter to be used in pet food is very disturbing. 

3) Buyer beware is always a good point to keep in mind, but we also want to emphasize that despite a lot of the misinformation and lack of regulations there are a ton of good quality foods available for your pets, and we're happy to help you make your selection.

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