Tribute to Rollie


Farewell to our four legged friend!


November. 1st, 2014 was a very sad day for Cynthia and Wes, the owners of Pet Foods Etc. It was a day that we both new would eventually have to come but none the less a day that every pet owner must face at some point in their lives. 


It was the day that we had to put Rollie (Mr. Rolland) our four legged friend of 16 loyal years to rest. 


Fortunately for us Rolland lived 10 months longer than we expected. On Boxing Day last year he experienced similar issues and after a visit with Dr. Kyle at the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic in Spruce Grove we were advised that Rolland had a growth inside him causing the labored breathing and all the other issues that he was having. 


But Rollie was a fighter so he always overcame the breathing issues and kept on going. 


We were able to enjoy the past summer weekends with him at our acreage retreat near Lac La Nonne. 


Like his “brother” Mr. Sneakers, whom we laid to rest back in February 2013, Rolland always loved his rides with us and always wanted to be with us no matter what and that will be missed by both of us. He also enjoyed his visits to the store when we took him there. He would greet the customers and “wuff” at them expecting them to provide him with a treat. 


We got Rollie 16 years ago when he was a pup. He came by his name honestly as he was a bit rolly around the tummy and he loved to roll on his back so the name Rollie came to be. He was a great fetcher and loved to play ball. When we lived on the acreage we use to hit a golf ball into the field and Rollie would do his back and forth patterns in the grass until he found the scent of the ball and would find it, proudly bring it back with a smile on his face. Very rarely did you have to go and help him find the ball.


He also had his own personality as all pets do. He would engage in conversation with us by snorting or sneezing when asked if he would like his supper or a treat. He would bark and wag his tail when we asked him if he wanted to go for a car ride. He was also an alarm clock as every evening at 9pm he would sit by the pantry door and remind us that it was time for his bedtime snack. If it wasn’t for him Sneakers and the cats would have never gotten their bedtime treats.


Rollie was also a bit of a “Mommy’s boy” as he would always follow Cynthia from room to room. Even though he was sleeping he would always sense that she was leaving the room and wake up to make sure he would know where she was going so he wouldn’t be left behind. This brings tears to Cynthia each day as she goes about the house expecting to hear the click of his feet.


The day before Nov 1st his bowels and his bladder went, and he did not eat which was not his behavior at all as he always enjoyed his food. He would throw up whatever he attempted to have including water and was very labored in his breathing. During the night he constantly paced and when he was able to sleep he would awake with a crying bark to let us know he was in pain. It was now our time to respond with a decision that were hoping to avoid. Our decision to do what was best for him.


So on Saturday morning November 1st Cynthia who was already in tears knew that I was going to ask if we should take Rollie in to grant him his final peace and we agreed that the call would be made and it was. 


I closed up shop at 10am, left a sign on the door to let our customers know that we would be closed for personal reasons and that we would return later in the day. When I got home Cynthia and Rollie were ready for the 11am appointment. Rollie, as usual, was excited to go for a ride not knowing what was about to take place. 


When we arrived at the final destination Dr. Kyle and his staff were very sympathetic and understanding and we were ushered to a room as quickly as they could. He took the time to explain what was going to take place. Rollie would receive a sedative to relax him and that once the affect took place they would administer an IV with the chemical that would eventually stop his heart and that he would pass away peacefully. The sedative was given and Rollie was provided with a blanket to lay on. In a matter of minutes he was relaxed and breathing calmly. It was now time for the IV but both Cynthia and I could not bear to see him with the IV so we left with the vision of him calmly resting peacefully.We both gave him our last good byes.


We will miss you dear Rollie our four legged friend.


Rest in Peace old friend Rest in Peace!