We’ve decided to open a portion of our store dedicated to clearance pet food and supplies. Most of it will have a couple of months shelf life, at deeply discounted prices. This is a great opportunity for customers who aren’t feeding any specific type of food but still want to provide quality foods.

Here are the stipulations:

🐾No further discounts 
🐾No loyalty program
🐾No returns-all sales are final
🐾Product selection will vary
🐾First come, first serve. No holds 
🐾No special orders

Keep an eye on our email and Facebook posts to get an idea of what we are able to offer as these will change often. We are not able to re-order any items, and the selection will vary.

We’re hoping this initiative will provide our customers a way to select quality, affordable foods, as well as keep expired foods from being thrown away. Additionally, all newly expired food will be donated to pet rescues in our area.